My background as an Artist

My inclination to draw took me to study at The Turku Drawing School in Autum 1965, and I got the final examination in 1968. This examination gave me a new opportunity in my mature years. I  graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts through further education in Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2006. Now I am a Visual Artist.

I have worked simultaneously as a nurse and an artist. Nursing guaranteed my economic wellfare; working with Art has been my lifestyle and passion. The area of visual arts that I am most at home with is watercolour. I also work with oilcolours.

The subjects of  my paintings, in most cases, depict stories or ideas. The subject is a challenge to me which, if overcome, gives me great pleasure. The most important first step in working  with watercolour, I got from my teacher in elementary school. I was  8 years old then. My mother painted watercolours of flowers, too, and sometimes we did that together.
At the drawing school I learned to capture shapes, but using watercolours - that I learned through my own work.

In the past I have painted  flower, landscape, and food motifs, but now I have stepped on the path of naïvism. I have painted pictures about my childhood and things around it. I live near nature. I like my life, and through my pictures I want to share my emotions with the viewer.